A Small Injury
This novel, my first, started life as a short story written when I’d learned to fly. By the time I got around to developing it, terrorists had attacked and destroyed the World Trade Centre in New York. Most of the response to 9/11 was hurried and ill-considered but it changed the regulation of general aviation around the world. For instance in Chicago the mayor, acting without authority or sanction, bulldozed the splendid little runway at Meigs Field, in the heart of the city. The action satisfied public opinion but lacked logic. When I re-visited this story I realised the new regulations meant I would have to set it at a time before 9/11. This in turn led me to establish my main character's history as an SAS officer who experienced the actions in Oman during the early 1970's. Peter Jackson is now retired from the army. He believes and hopes that his second career as a farmer in Cheshire will be a welcome antidote to the drama of his army life. As the tale unfolds it is obvious that his expectations are well clear of the mark. The title of the book is part of a quotation from Machiavelli. It was interesting for me to discover how the choice of a title can affect the placement of a novel within the Amazon catalogue. For instance, the title of this novel appears in some searches alongside volumes for veterinary surgeons treating injuries to small animals! I always enjoy surprising my audience. Readers will sometimes be able to guess how a particular situation will play out. I can't help having bright readers. On the other hand when I'm able to take them by surprise, I hope they're pleased and driven to read on. If you are, please let me know.